Just call me Dexter.

I spent a bit of my time off the public service desk (a rare commodity in a busy public library) looking for good clip art or stock photos of blood spatters.  People in the workroom kept walking by and asking me what the heck I was looking at. 

I do a monthly display in adult fiction of author read-alikes, and next month I'm doing Patricia Cornwell since she has a new book coming out.  I made a flyer and bookmarks with blood spatters all over them, and now I need to find some police tape.  Hopefully Party City has some… 

I'll try to remember to post a picture of the display.  It will be pretty cool and hopefully won't shock any of the old ladies looking for Jan Karon books.

PS – Has anyone else had trouble getting photos from iStockPhoto to work in Vox?  I tried several times and got error messages.

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3 thoughts on “Just call me Dexter.

  1. Yes, for the longest time no matter what I searched for it found nothing within iStock. Recently it began to find images again, but when I'd try to add them it said the image (and it gave me the URL) was not available. I've ruled out iStockphotos on Vox for about three months now.

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