I've been cooking and taking pictures!  One thing I made that there are no pictures of is an italian white bean and kale soup.  We had someone over for that, and I didn't feel like explaining why I was taking a picture of our food. 

First, there are the gingerbread cookies I made for book club a few weekends ago.  These are from The Martha Stewart Living Cookbook:  The Original Classics.

Next is a recipe for Chicken Cacciatore in the crock pot from a Weight Watchers Cookbook.  Oops!  Forgot to take an after picture.

Last but not least is a meal I call fake Thanksgiving.  I baked a whole chicken with a lemon pierced with a fork and a few cloves of garlic up its butt.  I also made kale with red onions and Cranberry Sage Couscous stuffing.  Basically, it was a Thanksgiving-like dinner except healthy. 

Stay tuned for cherry oatmeal cookies!


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4 thoughts on “Food

  1. Wow — I love gingerbread just-about-anything and those cookies look fantastic. It took me a moment to tear my eyes away and keep scrolling. We did a "practice turkey" this past weekend — not b/c we need that much practice, but because I love me some turkey… 🙂

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