A Lion Among Men

37.  A Lion Among Men – Gregory Maguire – This is the third in the Wicked Years series.  As you can guess, it follows the story of the Cowardly Lion, Brrr.  I enjoyed reading this because Maguire has a such a good writing style.  I would have loved the book instead of just liking it if Maguire would have given me more resolution.  He left a few too many stories unresolved for my liking, and I hope he plans on touching on them in the next book.

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6 thoughts on “A Lion Among Men

  1. I loved Wicked, but have been somewhat disappointed by his other novels. Well, the ones I read at any rate. I wonder if it's because I read Wicked first and the style was fresh and new. Not really interested in reading more by him now.

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