The Luxe

The Luxe

Anna Godbersen

35.  The Luxe – Anna Godberson – When I went to a state library conference last month, one of the workshops I went to was a Young Adult literature workshop where a librarian did booktalks of several YA titles.  That's where I found out about Unwind and this novel.  Well, I had heard of both before, but she made them sound so interesting that I put them on hold as soon as I got back to the library.  This was pure guilty pleasure with an extremely attractive cover.  What Twilight is for some people, The Luxe is for me. 

The novel takes place in 1899 in New York City, and is about the Holland family, a family with old money in Gramercy Park.  It has been called by some critics Gossip Girl set in the Turn of the Century.  There are love triangles and Upstairs, Downstairs type storylines galore.  I adored reading this, and can't wait to check out the next one and read it.  If you love this time period and a little scandal, then I think you'll enjoy this guilty pleasure as much as I did. 

Plus, the author thanked the librarians that helped her in the acknowledgements.  She's golden in my book!

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