Blackbirds and elephants.

Blackbird House: A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle)

Water for Elephants: A Novel

32.  Alice Hoffman – Blackbird House – This is a collection of interconnected stories about the various tenants of a house in Cape Cod.  I really enjoyed this book and Alice Hoffman's writing style.  I read a few passages a second time because I really liked the way she wrote them. 

33.  Sara Gruen – Water for Elephants – I absolutely adored this book.  When I was working, I was trying to think of ways to sneak in some reading time.  I finished it very quickly, and it is definitely one of my favorites now.  It is about a man who seems to have his life set out for him until a tragic event that leads him to accidentally join a circus.  The characters were very well developed, and her research into train circuses and the Great Depression helped give the book a feeling of authenticity.  Highly recommended.

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