If you criticize this post…

…you are violating my first amendment rights.  Well, in Sarah Palin's Constitution you are anyway.

Gee, I wonder if she has seen the part of that amendment that mentions the free press.

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7 thoughts on “If you criticize this post…

  1. I can understand what she is trying to say, however her choice of weapons (1st Amendment) was poor and such a miscalculation. I'd feel attacked if I were her too, but if she's so "plain spoken" in real life then she had better get used to people disagreeing with her. I know I've gotten used to it. Grow a backbone and start being the "strong feminist" you claim to be and leave the 1st Amendment out of it.

  2. She's being criticized because she is accusing someone of "palling around with terrorists." That's a negative attack – a dangerous one at that – in my book, and the media is correct in addressing it as such.

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