Why should I care?

Unsurprisingly, Joe the Plumber is supporting McCain according to CNN's political ticker.  Why should I care what he thinks about politics?  I don't care who Oprah is voting for, and I don't care who Joe is voting for. 

He does not speak for the "common man."  Like most Americans, I pay my taxes in full and on time.  I don't love seeing the money go away, but it is the only way to enjoy the way of life we are accustomed to in the United States.  Apparently, Joe doesn't. 

Also, I read an article about how he was unhappy with the media attention (only after that pesky lien was uncovered though).  The best way to stay out of the public eye is to refrain from giving interviews to national news channels.  So sorry Joe.

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5 thoughts on “Why should I care?

  1. I always smile when I hear someone going on about "my taxes"…well my taxes and a lot of other people's taxes go into roads, and hospitals, and water supply and education and lots of different infrastructure…and the army and the navy and all those other things…I think I pay too much tax out of my little salary, but then again I don't think my taxes go all that far in the scheme of things. What goes around comes around.

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