Things on Tuesday – 10/28/08


  • I'm working tonight so I can't go see Obama in Norfolk.
  • Ben Sollee is touring in Chapel Hill and DC on a weekend when I am working and isn't coming any closer than that to Hampton Roads.
  • Customers who think I'm telling a lie when I say that there is no early voting in Virginia.  Absentee voting and early voting are not the same thing. 


  • My downstairs neighbor with the loud bass is moving out! 
  • Water for Elephants – If I could think of a way to read the book on the sly while at work, I would.
  • Sleeping in a warm bed when it's cold.  Especially now that we have our pillow-top mattress in our bedroom.  So soft!

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3 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday – 10/28/08

  1. I wanted to go to the Obama event but my car crapped out today and I got stuck at Sears auto center most of the evening/night 😦 I saw him this past spring at the convention center, but I'm still bummed. My sister and brother-in-law went, though!

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