That’s not how I wanted you to find it!

A lady came in today and asked me for places where she could donate food and clothes.  As I have not memorized the locations of the food bank drop boxes or the Salvation Army's donation locations, I went to their websites to show her the list of locations.  As I turned the monitor around to show her, she said, "If you're just going to look on-line, I could have done that!" 

I said, "Is this not what you were looking for?"

"I'll just go home and do it." (With a scornful look on her face.)

"I'd be happy to write down some addresses for you."

"No, I'll just go plug in my computer and do it."

Now, neighbors, what the hell was she wanting me to do?  Stand on my head, tapdance, and give her the information from memory?

In telephone reference, we get this one person all the time who tells us exactly which website he wants us to go to in order to get his information.  Even if it's something like a Bible definition, which we could get much faster (and more reliably) from a Bible Concordance that sits on the shelf in or Telephone Reference room. 

Maybe I should ask them where their MLS came from because I obviously didn't learn anything from mine.

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9 thoughts on “That’s not how I wanted you to find it!

  1. That woman's attitude was out of place šŸ˜¦ She obviously was a bit embarrassed that she hadn't just looked online herself but she didn't need to treat you that way.

  2. The scornful look was probably self-hatred/ embarrassment, not about you.That said…while our library is complete crap (why I've donated over 1k books through the years and I'm not exaggerating–it included 2 truck loads of inherited books), I still think of it as a place where community-activists or grassroots types of people may like to meet.She may have hoped to hear, "Yeah, there's a group who meets here once a month to collect/ talk about/ sign people up…" She may have thought the library keeps a directory of such places in pamphlet, book or even on a bulletin board.At least she's wanting to donate rather than hit the dumpster šŸ™‚

  3. Sixbucksamonkey wasy dead on. Our library director now has employees calling patrons 'clients' or 'customers' grrrrrrrr. Patrons is a much better word for a taxed based entity to use. Working at the library was my dream job. It only turned into my nightmare because of management and 'clients'.

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