As the reference desk is not really the best place to post to Vox, and I am usually tired of being on the computer at night, my Vox postings have dwindled.  What I do on the desk when it is slow is read a lot of professional blogs, websites, etc.  Sometimes I see cool things and think, "I should put that on Vox."  I'm going to try to start posting these links a few at a time when I have time to do a post.  So, here are the first few. – The Whoppers of 2008 – The lies so far in the election from Obama and McCain.

Library Journal – The editor's opinion of Sarah Palin.

Lexis Nexis  – Their study found no media bias against Palin or the GOP.

Kaiser Family Foundation – Grey's Anatomy Case Study – They did a study using Grey's Anatomy to see if entertainment media could be used to teach the public about health.  They used the storyline about the HIV positive woman who was pregnant because the public is not aware that the risk of passing it on is so small.

Take a quiz and see what your risk for different diseases is.  At the end of the quiz, they also give you ways you can lessen your risk.  I am above average for breast cancer.  😦


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