Good Saturday

Today was a good girlie day.  Dan went to play video games with the male half of the couple we hang out with.  Then we (the girls) went to see The Women, ate at PF Chang's, had gelato at Melt, and went to the mall.  I don't think I totally screwed up my diet because I had flex points to use, but we'll see on Monday when I weigh in.  I also got some really cute work clothes on sale at New York & Company.  That place is great for sales on professional clothes.  They don't pay me to say that so you can trust me.  OK, good night all.

Tomorrow is the beach and Teen Council at the library in the evening.

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6 thoughts on “Good Saturday

  1. How was PF Chang's? We've never been there. Last I heard, there was a huge wait to get in the place, but that was a few years ago now that I think about it. What's your favorite item there?

  2. I love PF Chang's. We used to go all the time in Raleigh, but there is still a wait at the one in VB. I don't know what it is about the place, but there were always long waits in Raleigh too.
    We got there at 4:30 on Saturday, and we could either wait an hour to eat or sit outside. So we sat outside. My favorite is the Singapore Street Noodles. Dan loves their Mongolian Beef. We always share the steamed dumplings when we go together.

  3. It's a scientific fact that the calories in hot food and cold food fight each other, leaving nothing behind. As long as you don't eat more ice cream than your main course your net calorie count is nil.

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