In an unprecedented move, the libraries will be closed tomorrow because of Hanna. This is a double edged sword since it means I don't have to go in tomorrow, but the storm must worry officials enough to do this. Hopefully, it will just pass quickly and not do too much damage.
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10 thoughts on “Hanna

  1. They always close the libraries for hurricanes, but I thought Hanna was just a tropical storm now? I'm going to be getting back to the area next week, after Hanna's past. Ike is still sitting, who knows where that will go.

  2. Looks like the Governor of VA has put everyone on alert. I live in Northern VA and we've been informed that all outdoor activities for tomorrow are cancelled and all individuals are warned to stay indoors. Stay safe!

  3. Well, I'm sure glad you don't have to go to work, it's bound to get pretty nasty. We're all ready. I've got everything we need so we don't have to leave the house till at least Mon. and can sit back and enjoy it because Mother Nature puts on one hell of a show!

  4. Actually, during the last big hurricane here (Isabel I think) the library where I work stayed open during the worst of it. Maybe the city decided that it's not such a good idea to have the public traveling to municipal buildings during a storm.

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