Things on Tuesday – 8/26


  • Dan's computer crapped out on him last night and he had to do his powerpoint presentation for his class all over again. 
  • This is the same problem that was supposedly fixed a few months ago.
  • Said computer was purchased at a local store in Raleigh with a warranty so Dan had to drive it all the way back there (3+ hours) to avoid paying for parts and service.
  • This understandably put him in a mood that made him not so fun to be around.


  • Feeding Frenzy and Guitar Hero II and III on Xbox 360.
  • Having living room furniture (to snuggle on) and my cat (to snuggle with).
  • Finding a new favorite board game (Risk).
  • Having another couple to play board games with.
  • My PowerBook – It has never (knock on wood) crapped out on me in the three years I have owned it.
  • A whole night of Hugh Grant on Encore last weekend.

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