[This is irritating]

News stories like this one are supposed to be funny, but they kind of piss me off.  This woman knowingly kept two books from the library and did not return them.  Then she subsequently ignored all correspondence regarding them, including a court summons.

As you can see from her picture and the way she talks to the reporter in the story, she thinks this is hilarious.

I don't think it is because she was stealing from her fellow taxpayers (those property taxes do go somewhere). 

Oh, and she still isn't going to turn the books back in because she feels that she's paid for them with her $170 fine.  So at least $30 of the fine will be to replace her books.  What if she walked into Barnes & Noble and left with two books without paying?  How does she think this is different?

I deal with this every day when customers want certain books that routinely get stolen (study guides, Zane, The Holy Bible, etc).  So that's why it makes me so mad to read a "funny" news story like this.

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13 thoughts on “[This is irritating]

  1. Yeah, I don't much like the look in the picture either… IT costs us much more than the price listed in the book to replace "stolen" titles. Frelling frell…

  2. …You know, I would come up with something different to say, but I think Megan pretty much took the exact words out of my mouth.I'm currently starting the process of claiming missing periodicals, and it just pisses me off to see how people have obviously just walked off with some of our more popular magazines, given that those 5 issues of Marie Claire were checked in at some point…

  3. At least we know she'll never be able to work for the government or any institution that handles money, now that she has an arrest for theft on her record. She paid a fine, so it was a conviction. Ha.

  4. I like to think that every time I keep a book out for a few extra days and pay a fine, that I'm helping the library system. Of course, I didn't keep any out for years and go to jail (yet).

  5. Yeah, having an overdue and paying the fine isn't a big deal. Most librarians I know (including me) are notorious for turning things in late. It was the intent of theft in this situation that really got me. And she didn't think she did anything wrong.

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