Things on Tuesday – 8/19

I'm new to this, but it works perfectly since Tuesday is my evening at work.  We are usually slow in the evening so I have time to do this when I'm bored at the reference desk.


  • We are weeding (getting rid of old books) in the 300s and my section is the feminism section right now.  This means that I also have to look at all the anti-feminist bullshit.  And it's all written by women!  I have to put on my "good librarian" hat and not throw it all out.
  • I have had a headache all evening and Excedrin is not working.
  • The announcers on the Olympics won't shut up to let me enjoy the sports.
  • People who think they own the study rooms and don't care if other people ever get to use them.
  • People who bring young children to the library and make them sit quietly while they use the public computers.  They don't even bother to take them to the children's section first to get a book to look at.


  • Weeding the 300s – I love looking at all the feminism books.  I checked out two today.
  • My husband moved up here this weekend.  We are finally living together again.
  • Watching the Olympics.
  • Living five minutes from the beach.
  • New friends.
  • Having a job that isn't boring.
  • Adults that walk up the kids' steps at the fiction desk just because it's fun. 


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3 thoughts on “Things on Tuesday – 8/19

  1. We have a book shop in our building run by the Friends of the Library. They sell some of them, we sell others online, and some are so damaged that we just get rid of them. Then we use the funding to buy more books, equipment, etc.

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