Happy accident.

One of the children's librarians who is temporarily working out of my building shares my last name and first initial.  I have been getting her holds in my box every once in a while, and the other day, one of the Fables graphic novels ended up there.  On my way up to her desk to give it to her, I flipped through it and decided to check out the first volume.  I just read a few pages of it on my break, and it is really cool!  Now I'm putting holds on the rest of the series.  So far I can read up to Volume 4 without waiting.  :)  It will be a fun day off tomorrow sitting on the beach and reading graphic novels.

And I AM going to count these towards my 50 books for the year.  Reading is reading!

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5 thoughts on “Happy accident.

  1. I'm surprised they don't have them too, but they may not buy adult graphic novels as much as my system does. A lot of libraries focus on teen ones – and these are definitely not for the teen section.

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