Cool thing about my new hometown.

We had our latest book club meeting on the beach!  This is about 5 minutes from where I live, on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay.  We all loved this setting so much that we're having the next one here too.  I've met a lot of really awesome new friends through the library, and I'm really starting to love living here.

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8 thoughts on “Cool thing about my new hometown.

  1. True. Va Beach is completely out – just way too crowded for my blood. We usually go down and park in some neighborhood right near the bridge, then walk under it up to the beach. It's cool because you can fish and crab there too.

  2. Shore Drive is my favorite of the beaches. We go to one spot under an overpass where there are no waves and it's nice and shallow. Perfect for my kids. When I must go to Va Beach, I go to 89th Street, where it's usually empty.

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