My Summer Reading Booty

To complete our Adult Summer Reading Program, you have to read 8 books.  Then you can write 8 reviews and get a free book for each review.  You also get 2 books for completing the program.  We take these from the donations throughout the year that we are not adding to the collection.  So here are the ones that picked.  It's kind of funny that I picked a low fat Mediterranean cookbook and a chocolate cookbook.  Hey, everyone can have a treat once in a while.  🙂


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13 thoughts on “My Summer Reading Booty

  1. Mmmm….excellent cookbook choices!
    The summer reading program (for adults) at our library doesn't offer free books, but they have weekly drawings for various prizes, and then there's a big grand prize drawing at the end. You can enter the big drawing once for each book you read, up to a certain number of entries (10, I think). And everybody who reads and reviews 6 books gets a free t-shirt.

  2. Which of these books would you recommend? I'm curious about the Alice Hoffman ones in particular. Her books are very hit-or-miss for me. Some I love, others I could have done without reading at all.

  3. I haven't read any of these yet. I just picked them out a few days ago, but I will be posting about them as I read them. The Alice Hoffman ones are the ones I'm reading first anyway so I'll be posting about them soon. I've only read Practical Magic by her, and I really liked that.

  4. Steal away! I think they've been doing it this way forever, and our patrons love it. We also give a coffee mug for completion, but they don't get ordered until it's all over. Some people have a mug for every summer that it's been going on.

  5. Wow, great program. Our public library is doing a summer reading program, too. You read 4-6 books and they enter you in a drawing for a beach vacation. Not bad, but I think I might like your program better.

  6. Great selections! I love pretty much anything by Anita Shreve, and haven't read Alice Hoffman in a while but I did enjoy Blue Diary. Another good one by her is Here on Earth.

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