Every so often, I get a customer who is not computer literate and cannot remember their email password.  I typically will show them where to go to reset it and then leave because I don't want to know their personal information.

Well, the woman I helped today could not fill out the form on her own.  So I saw her address, birthday, security question and answer, username, and password.  This makes me feel very uncomfortable.  Apparently, she has to do this almost every time she comes to the library to use the internet.  When I tried to explain that she really needed to write her information down so that she would not need to let so many people see her information, she said she didn't care.  Argh!  The people around her could hear most of it as well.  What if one of her fellow customers is not as nice as me and used the information to steal her identity?

Also she kept complaining loudly that her large breasts were making it hard for her to reach the mouse and keyboard.  She moved both from the keyboard sliding thingy onto the top desk, which is why she had trouble. LOL!!!!  It was hard to keep a straight face for that.

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