Cell: A Novel

Stephen King

Cell is Stephen King's homage to zombie flicks.  He dedicated the book to George Romero.  This was very fast-paced and grabbed my interest from the first page.  As any King fan will tell you, he has a very readable writing style and kept me interested until the end.  I was a little disappointed with one thing he leaves up for interpretation at the end.

Basically, there is a pulse, and then everyone who answers their cell phone turns into a zombie.  The book is mainly focused on Clay, Tom, and Alice, strangers who meet each other and decide to stick together for survival.  There are plenty of twists to keep you interested to the end.

This was our book club selectin for July, which I thought was funny.  I've never read a horror book for a book club, but I think this one does present a lot of material for discussion, especially since he leaves some big storylines unresolved.



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11 thoughts on “Cell

  1. Although I enjoyed this, I didn't think it came close to King's best work. It might be that we're being overrun with zombies in today's media, but it felt sort of lackluster at parts. He did have some interesting takes on the zombie and human interactions, though. To me, this felt less like the book equivalent of a horror movie and more like the book equivalent of an action movie. A decent plot, some okay characters, and an engaging, if unresolved ending.

  2. I agree with you!! I bought this when it came out and started reading right away. I couldn't put it down but I was so upset with the ending!
    I read that they are making a movie and the guy who did Hostel will be working on the film.

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