Something I forgot about Get Smart.

I remember thinking that I wanted to blog about these things that happened in the theater when we went to see Get Smart.

There was a woman on the back row that reacted really strongly to everything in the movie.  She laughed really loudly, etc.  She wasn't so bad that it ruined the movie, but Dan and I would look at each other and make faces about it.

During the preview for Step Brothers and one scene in Get Smart where something surprising happens, she reacted with a blood-curdling scream.  I mean a scream for a horror movie, not a comedy.  I was wondering what the hell she would sound like when watching something like The Shining.

It was bizarre.

Someone also said "Ew" in a scene where two men kiss.  I wish people would keep their homophobia to themselves in public.

Also, there was a man that came down a few rows and asked someone to please turn off [insert electronic device here] because it was blinding him where he was sitting.  He was very polite about it, but shouldn't people know that bright lights from cell phones and other devices are still distracting in a dark movie theater?  Can't they be unplugged for 90 minutes?

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3 thoughts on “Something I forgot about Get Smart.

  1. I don't know when you guys went, but we dealt with some rude movie goers too at our 2:35pm showing. It boggles the mind sometimes… Glad it didn't ruin the movie for you 🙂

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