It this a valid excuse?

From this article about Kid Rock continuing to avoid iTunes because he doesn't see as much of the money as he thinks he should.  I know nothing about that, and I don't like Kid Rock (sexism and alcoholism don't make good music in my opinion).

Garth Brooks, who is second to The Beatles in all-time US record sales – ahead of Elvis Presley – has also refused to join the iTunes revolution.

He wants fans to download only full albums because he says each album is a complete work and the songs are designed to be heard together.

"We do albums, we have always done albums," he recently told the BBC News website.

Referring to songs from his 1990 album No Fences, he continued: "Friends in Low Places is not Friends in Low Places without Wolves or Wild Horses.

"And if people try to make it a money issue, I can get the full album to the consumer for much less than they can get it at 99 cents a song.

"There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in the digital downloading world before we introduce our music to it."

iTunes has overtaken supermarket group Wal-Mart to become the largest music retailer in the US, an independent study has said.

I don't understand why this is a problem.  There are plenty of albums on iTunes that are listed as "album only."  Wouldn't that solve his problem?  I've been buying from Amazon when I can since they're sometimes cheaper and don't have DRM, but I don't see his point here for avoiding iTunes or other online download options. 

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One thought on “It this a valid excuse?

  1. This is just another reason why I no longer listen to music, any music. Musicians are blankity blanks only, usually, in it for the most money possible. Oh, and I can't stand the idea of the iPhone, iPod, etc… Call me an old fart.

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