Forever: A Novel

Forever: A Novel

Pete Hamill

I joined a book club with some of my new co-workers, and my first book was Forever by Pete Hamill.  The novel spans 300 years, starting in the 1700s in Ireland and ending in the year 2000 in New York City.  The protagonist, Cormac, is given immortality as long as he never leaves Manhattan. 

I would give this novel a B-.  The first and last 100 pages of the book were the most interesting, and the 400 in between were, quite frankly, boring.  It's basically a history of Manhattan, which I expected from the premise.  Unfortunately, it ignores the story of the main character for too long to really keep me interested. 

Hamill is too wordy for me in this novel as well.  I kept thinking, "OK, get to the point!"  It took me a really long time to finish the book because I just wasn't that interested in picking it up and reading.

According to the Amazon reviews, most people absolutely loved it so don't let me keep you from giving it a try.

#10 in 2008

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2 thoughts on “Forever: A Novel

  1. Someone in my book club suggested this one for our next read — we'll have to see how many votes it gets at our meeting on Wednesday. My club is a little lazy, though. 600 pages might scare a lot of them away.

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