Our weather forecast – Smoke

The Dismal Swamp is on fire so Virginia Beach is very smoky this morning at 7:45. I just went out to my car to put my overnight bag in the backseat, and my hair and clothes smell like smoke already. Yuck.
clipped from www.weather.com

Feels Like
Updated Jun 14 07:45 a.m. ET
Virginia Beach Live Webcams
UV Index: 1 Low
Wind: From SSW at 9 mph
Humidity: 69%
Pressure: 30.09 in.

Dew Point: 63°F
Visibility: 1.0 mile
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6 thoughts on “Our weather forecast – Smoke

  1. Yeah I heard it was worse down there than up here. After work at 5, I'm driving down to Kitty Hawk to spend Father's Day with my dad, and I hope I don't drive through too much smoke from the Dismal Swamp or the Eastern NC fires.

  2. It seemed like it was really bad this morning, then around 10am we went downtown and it wasn't horrible. Tonight, however, it smells like we are in a campground. Kind of fun in that respect. Smores anyone?

  3. That's what the smell on my hair reminded me of. After I've been camping, I feel like I smell like the campfire for days afterwards. It lightened up in VB as well, but the smoke and smell got trapped in the library for a while after that. People said it was worse inside than out.

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