Culture QotW: Everyone Should Read This Book

Which one book do you wish everyone in your life would read?

For those who think the American Dream is available to everyone and that people who need government assistance are lazy.

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2 thoughts on “Culture QotW: Everyone Should Read This Book

  1. I really liked this book when I read it a few years ago. It's a real eye-opener for people who haven't experienced the vicious cycles of poverty. To this day I can't walk into a Walmart without thinking about this book and some of the employment practices it talks about. It also made me think about money and what I really NEED in new ways.

  2. It had a profound influence on the way I think about things as well. I knew there was poverty before reading this book, but now it seems much more tangible to me. I am truly lucky to have everything I have and not have to worry about getting by. There isn't much time for anything else when you're fighting for survival.

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