My first storytime.

Last week, I had my first storytime ever.  I'm a Reference Librarian, but we all do some storytimes when they are part of a class tour.  I was so nervous before because I don't have much experience with groups of children, but I got rave reviews from both the teacher of the class that came in for the story and my supervising librarian. 

The Kindergarten class was going to the farmer's market later in the month on a field trip so I decided to do a farm animal theme.  I thought I'd share the books since I have neighbors with kids and neighbors who are expecting.  These were all fun, but I'll give a mini review of each.

Book! Book! Book!

Deborah Bruss

I started with Book! Book! Book! because it is about farm animals who go to the library and have trouble communicating with the librarian.  The kids liked it, but it had my least favorite illustrations of them all.  I like bright, bold illustrations in children's books and the watercolor just didn't seem as eye-catching.  But the kids liked it and laughed at the animals trying to talk to the librarian.

Giggle, Giggle, Quack

Doreen Cronin (Author)

Giggle, Giggle, Quack
was a lot of fun to read to the kids.  They were very excited when I picked this one up because they have heard Click Clack Moo:  Cows That Type by the same author.  I would highly recommend both.  The illustrations are really, really cute in this book, and the story is funny.  It's about a conniving duck who takes advantage of the farmer's brother while he is watching the farm.

This one was my favorite.  Marjorie the cow is depressed because she can't do handstands and ride bicycles like the other cows so the chickens get together and make it look like she laid an egg to make her feel better.  The story is so funny and sweet at the same time, and it's a fun one to read aloud.  The illustrations were really cute in this one too.  Very bright colors.


Bernard Most

This book is about a rooster who forgot how to crow, but still manages to save the farm from a fox.  You get to make a lot of fun animal sounds while reading this one to kids, and they get a kick out of that.

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4 thoughts on “My first storytime.

  1. Excellent, I am going to order a few of these for me library. Also, we are going to be looking for a children's librarian soon. If you are in the South Mississippi area, please drop a resume…

  2. When I went to the library last Friday there was a mass of kids and loud music playing and all the kids were balancing mini beanbags on their face and the tune was catchy and I was thinking I somehow missed out on all this kind of fun when I was a kid! Sounds like you would make a great children's librarian!

  3. I think being a children's librarian all the time would be exhausting. We are all generalists (except for the children's librarian) at my library so we get to help kids of all ages. I like the variety of helping a kid find a fun picture book and helping an adult with a difficult research question. The storytime was FUN though!

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