She says “freak” a lot.

The above is the Bravo version of a line in Bridget Jones's Diary.  I've seen this movie about a million times, and the "clean" version leaves a lot to be desired.  Some lines are so bad they just cut them out so you get a weird scene where a conversation is not finished.  Why bother showing it?  There are some pretty adult themes in the movie with or without bad language.  If you're too young to hear the word "fuck," you're too young to watch any version of this movie.  It did make me laugh when they replaced "blow job" with "back rub."  LOL

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One thought on “She says “freak” a lot.

  1. I hate when TV does that. My wife and I always hated that when we'd watch The Breakfast Club on TBS. I don't even think they used the word "freak." It was something completely asinine that didn't even make sense — which, they probably would have censored that word — asinine — too. 😉

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