Little Earthquakes

Little Earthquakes

Jennifer Weiner

I've been listening to chick lit audiobooks while driving back and forth to Raleigh on weekends, and I just finished Little Earthquakes on Friday night.  Jennifer Weiner is one of the few writers that can write meaningful books about twenty-something women without making them sound like mindless twits.

Little Earthquakes has a lot of heart, and I love the way the main characters relate to one another.  I still like Jemima J and Good in Bed best out of her books, but this one is worth a read (or a listen).  The narrator had a nice reading voice.  Edit:  Oops, Jane Green wrote Jemima J

The story is basically about four women and their struggles while being new mothers.  I can't say much more without giving away the plot.  I cried a little in my car a few times.  Hopefully I didn't look like an idiot.

I'm not going to count audiobooks as books "read" for the year, but I'm adding this to the 50 in 365 group in case anyone might like to read the review.

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2 thoughts on “Little Earthquakes

  1. Jemima J is Jane Green. (Although it totally does read like a Jennifer Weiner book.)
    I really liked Little Earthquakes (and Jennifer Weiner). The sequel to Good In Bed (Certain Girls) comes out next month.

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