A Wild Sheep Chase

A Wild Sheep Chase: A Novel

Haruki Murakami

A Wild Sheep Chase was my first Haruki Murakami novel.  I really enjoyed the book while I was reading it, but now that I've finished it I don't know what to say about it. 

It is bizarre, and it ends kind of up in the air.  But I still really liked it.

#3 of 2008

I'm going to keep track of how many books I read this year, but I'm not worrying about finishing 50 anymore.  Starting a new job and moving leaves me with very little time to read for pleasure.  Especially while I'm staying with family who never turn off the TV so it's hard to find a quiet place to read.  Lunchtime and bedtime are pretty much it for me right now, and I'm officially not guilty about it.  Before I was kind of like, "I'm a librarian, I should read more than most people."  No more of that nonsense.  Reading is for FUN.

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4 thoughts on “A Wild Sheep Chase

  1. Murakami is one of my favorite authors, although I've only read a few of his books and would like to read more of them. This was the first book I read by him and was definitely my favorites, mainly because as you said it was bizarre and just ended "kind of up in the air." I remember picking this up at our local rural library and just being intrigued by the book jacket and the first few paragraphs. I have since read "Kafka on the Shore," which was written in 2002 and put out in the U.S. in 2005. I liked "Wild Sheep Chase" better than "Kafka on the Shore," although maybe because "Wild Sheep Chase" was shorter. He reminds me of a Japanese Tom Robbins, in that both authors really can go "off-the-wall" but that also is what makes them, well, so intriguing.

  2. I've found that weird, up in the air feeling to be common among Japanese authors. At least the ones I've read. It always makes diving into a japanese novel just a little more daunting, but I love Murakami.

  3. I'm a librarian to. There was a library I used to go to that had a sign about the five rules of reading. I can't remember all of it but it went something like… Reading is for fun, You do not have to finish a book you don't like, It's okay to look at the end first, etc…

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