And the award goes to…

Liz Claiborne!  Thanks to my neighbors who gave me advice, but I pulled a typical BF and got something completely different.  This bag is PERFECT.  All of the stuff I like to carry around fits in it, and it doesn't feel heavy on my shoulder at all.  The leather is so freaking soft.  You can't tell from the picture, but it's really thin so it's not bulky at all.

And I decided to do a picture for the "What's in your bag?" group on Flickr.  Go to my Flickr page to see the notes I made about the stuff that's there.

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4 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

  1. Thanks! So far I'm loving it. It isn't very "trendy" so I think it will stay in style for a while as well. I couldn't believe some of the crap people pay over $300 for when I was shopping. Like the Dooney & Bourke ones that are canvas and have the logo plastered all over. Why pay that much to advertise for a company? I don't get it.

  2. Love your choice! I'm glad you strayed away from the spring colors and went with something a bit more classic and versatile. Congrats on getting a job I wanted to have when I was a little girl and still want. (But you only get one life and *this* is what I chose.) I have seen some beautiful Burberry bags. Even the knock-offs are pretty. I also like Kate Spade's color choices. But for durability and utility, I like the Claiborne. Second choice in that category is Coach-they last forever.

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