Uncle Fred in the Springtime

Unsurprisingly, Uncle Fred in the Springtime was hilarious and a really fast read.  I can't recommend P.G. Wodehouse enough if you have never read any of his books.  He just had a way with language that makes his novels a pleasure to read and a sense of humor that is timeless.

This particular novel is a Blandings Castle novel that involves a stolen pig, onion soup, and Uncle Fred posing as a brain specialist.

One of my favorite passages from the book follows.  The last line made me giggle in the lunch room at work.  Uncle Fred is talking to Horace Davenport about a poet who is out to break his neck for taking his girl to a dance.

"I didn't know poets broke people's necks."
"Ricky does.  He once took on three simultaneous costermongers in Covent Garden and cleaned them up in five minutes.  He had gone there to get inspiration for a pastoral, and they started chi-iking him, and he sailed in and knocked them base over apex into a pile of Brussels sprouts,"
"How different from the home life of the late Lord Tennyson."

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