P.G. Wodehouse link

I was looking up the word "chi-iking" from the passage I posted from Uncle Fred in the Springtime.  There is this really cool site that has lots of information about Wodehouse books including definitions and explanations of some of the things he mentions that may not make sense to a modern or non-British audience.


Go there, it's neato.

By the way:

– heckling or possibly attracting attention with a clucking sound (slang, not often heard today)."

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4 thoughts on “P.G. Wodehouse link

  1. I love PG Wodehouse. Something about the upper classes being absolute idiots (a la Jeeves and Wooster). And the names are wonderful. Like some of the names that Dickens came up with. Outlandish.

  2. Oh. my. stars. A Wodehouse link called Blandings? How wonderful! I just dropped in from Little Miao's blog, because your name "Bookishly Fabulous" has such appeal, and one of the first things I read is about P.G. Wodehouse. Wonderful! I will be bookmarking that site. (The Earl of Blandings and his wonderful pig are my favorite Wodehouse characters.)

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