This post will show the fact that I rarely ever eat fast food other than Subway. 

Dan has been sick with what I had last week so I was on my own for dinner tonight.  I decided to go to Wendy's and get a chicken sandwich combo because I haven't had that in a while. 

I order my combo, and the lady asks, "Small, medium, or large?"  I order a small.  When I get it, I realize that this is a Regular size combo.  It used to be Regular, Biggie, and Great Biggie or something like that.  I can't believe they changed the names of the sizes of their combos to make people feel better about eating large amounts of food.  Yes, I ordered a "Small," but there is no reason for me to feel good about eating a fried chicken sandwich, french fries, and a soda. 

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5 thoughts on “Small?

  1. LOL! When I first came to America I found many things like this. I still ask for "small" if smallest is what I want even though it is not mentioned on the menu – eg: Starbucks and the smallest size of tall.I love your Emma Peel photo!! (I had an Emma Peel doll – a little like Barbie – but dressed in leather and carrying a gun!)

  2. yeah perception is reality.If they tell you it's small it must be small even if it's giant.I hate the starbucks confusing lingo too.GIMME A FREAKIN COFFEE DAMN IT! I don't need a language lesson!snerk sorry

  3. Beginning of rant:I work at a Starbucks and could murder people who complain about the names of the sizes!Really is this that complicated: Tall=small, Grande=middle, Venti=large. And if you want to get technical short is actually the small. /End of rant.

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