Fashion opinions please!

I'm buying myself a "yay, you're a real librarian now" gift. I
want a really nice handbag. A lot of the ones I think I like end up
being ginormous when I look at the dimensions. I mean I really only
need one that will carry my wallet, reading glasses, a few small
gadgets (ipod, phone, DS Lite) and a trade paperback.  On second thought, that's a lot of junk to carry around!

I don't want
brown or black because I'm tired of always having a neutral color. I'm leaning towards
the top one because I love that color. Tell me girlie (or non-girlie)
neighbors, would that green be too dark for spring and summer?  They both come in other colors.  The top one comes in a cute plum, but I think that would clash with red, which I wear a lot.  The bottom comes in lavender and other springy colors.  I'm just not sure about the patent leather. 

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9 thoughts on “Fashion opinions please!

  1. I really like the green one. And I actually see it as kind of springy (the whole green thing). It isn't a dark green. I also like the shape of that one better. On a side note, I don't think that red and plum clash. 😉 Congrats on the job (I can't remember if I said congrats or not….I meant to if I didn't)

  2. Green. So freaking cute. I want one. Plus, the straps look like they would be easier to keep on your shoulders than the patent leather (which is a make-or-break point when I buy a purse).

  3. I love the green one! And I don't think it's too dark for spring/summer. I think the yellow is cute too, but the green also looks like it will stay in style longer without looking dated.

  4. The green definitely. Patent is cute, but not great for an everyday bag. But, I kind of wonder what the Plum version looks like of the green bag. I actually don't think it would clash with red (since purple has a red base). But, then again, I don't know what shade of purple it is.

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