I got the job!

I accepted an offer today for the job I interviewed for last month, Reference Librarian I.  My MLS is not going to waste!  My first day is March 3rd.

It's a little overwhelming because I'm moving for the position, and Dan won't be able to come right away because of his thesis defense in March.  I'm moving to an area where I have family though so I'll stay with my aunt for a few weeks until I find a place to live.  She doesn't have internet access so I'm sure I'll find that apartment pretty quickly!!

Thanks to everyone that gave me advice and well wishes for my interview!  It was really helpful and appreciated.

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15 thoughts on “I got the job!

  1. Boy did I ever miss this post. I am so proud of you. I know that being a newlywed the last thing you would be thinking about is going away but the two of you will end up so far ahead with this move and plan. Dan will be out of school soon enough and the fact that you have family there makes it a huge plus. You did it. Doesn't it feel good to "accept an offer",lol. Uhm, wait a minute. let me think about it for a while. YES!
    Congratulations. Your new life is just beginning and a good job is a great foundation for a happy life.

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