New Addiction

After mulling it over and comparing the available titles on the Wii and the 360, I decided to buy a 360.  I ended up buying one from Costco in a bundle that came with Call of Duty 4. I immediately traded that for another game because I have zero interest in war games.  I picked up Forza 2 and Kameo since COD4 has such a good trade in value right now.

The new addiction that the subject line refers to is Bioshock.  This game is awesome.  I can't even describe how well done it is.  The story is fantastic and the underworld art deco city it takes place in is beautifully designed.  I know I'm going to be sad when I finish it.  I'm also obsessed with getting more achievements. 

If anyone wants to exchange gamertags with me, send a PM.  My friends list is lonely except for some Ravelry peeps. 

This is going to be bad for my 50 in 365 challenge…

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5 thoughts on “New Addiction

  1. Fun! I've seen the 360 at the store – the graphics really are nice. We opted for a Wii and we love it. We mostly play the sports games (tennis, bowling, etc) – which gets our butts up off the couch.

  2. Bio-Shock is well worth the money. One of my favorite games in my collection. I am trying Mass Effect right now and it seems to be just as good when it comes to the story line.

  3. maura_ea – Yeah, the music from it is really good. When I walk into a room and the creepy music starts, it freaks me out! I can't play it at night if I'm alone in the house. dewitte – I love the Wii. We have friends with one, and I always have a blast with it, but I feel like the 360 has a more long term appeal for the games that I like to play (first person shooters and RPGs).Korgoth – Bioshock was even more worth the money because it is on sale this week at Best Buy for $39. Mass Effect is on my list of games to play. I'm trying to only buy one expensive title at a time to keep myself from buying games that I never play.Crom74 – It is very sweet. 🙂

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