Headline News – Rant

I got into the habit of watching Headline News in the morning a few years ago because I liked getting a quick overview of the news.  Regular morning programs include long segments and interviews, and I would only get to see one or two stories before going to work.  This week, I think I've decided that I can't stomach Headline News anymore becuase they have gotten to the point where very little of what they report is what I consider "news."

Things they reported this morning that irritated the crap out of me:

  1. Britney Spears went shopping for a pregnancy test.
  2. Clips from American Idol – This one particularly stumps me because they are basically advertising for a Fox TV show.  Aren't they competitors?  Also, this is NOT news.
  3. A long segment about all the NFL players that are getting in trouble with the law.  I'd watch ESPN if I wanted more than a quick mention of these.
  4. In general, their election coverage is all about who is crying and why women or African Americans will or will not vote for someone.  Shouldn't they cover the issues?

OK, rant over.

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6 thoughts on “Headline News – Rant

  1. I don't watch the news anymore at all. The news is basically just another way to try to sell something or someone. I get my news from, well, nothing. Pretty sad but then again, were is the good news?

  2. They turn real news into a blurb that they repeat and "update" every 20 minutes and celebrity and entertainment gossip into "news" editorials. Content is everything. I used to watch too. I didn't know how non-essential and anxiety-forming it was until I stopped watching because I changed jobs (and schedules) and didn't miss it a bit.

  3. i know how you feel. i'm so sick of these drugged out celebrities that we're all supposed to care about. i wish there were more heart warming segments instead of 20 minutes of gloom and doom and absurd news.

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