Post-Thanksgiving Consumerism

No, this isn't a diatribe about the wasteful consumerism of our country this time of year.  It's a list of the cool stuff I've bought on sale since last Thursday…

$3.99 at Target – Yay, fun holiday chick flicks!  I know, poor Dan.

$22 at Target – Not the cheapest deal I could have gotten, but better than the list price.  OK, the truth is my mom bought it for me so it was actually free.  :)  The Artichoke Pesto on Rotelle Pasta is fantastic and super easy to make.  The Spinach and Red Onions is really tasty too.  Another A+ cookbook from Giada.

Everyday Pasta

Giada De Laurentiis

$20 at Sams Club (I know they're evil, sorry).   I really wanted a big reference book like this where you could find a recipe for anything you wanted to make, like gingerbread or apple pie, etc.  I haven't made anything from this yet, but it's fun to read so far.  Yes, I like to read cookbooks just like novels.  My mom calls it food porn.  The second one is on sale too, but I'll give it a bit before I pick it up.  The 1000+ recipes in this one should keep me busy for a while.

I haven't bought this yet, but it's on sale for $17 at Borders, and I've been wanting a copy.  I don't have any big how-to reference books for cooking, and this is the one everyone is supposed to have.

I know I'm a super lame domestic girl now, but I've always loved to cook.  I just have all the fun kitchen tools now.  I adore my microplane grater!  Everyone should buy one!  Oh, and the programmable coffeemaker is the best appliance ever invented.

I also bought some awesome yarn that I'll post a picture of after I get off my butt and find my digital camera.

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