Eh.  I just don't have anything to blog about lately, and I'm not in enough of a Voxy mood to post nonsense.  This is just to let my neighbors know I'm still here!  I've been trying to comment as much as possible here and there.  I am reading my neighbors' posts for the most part.  You can't get rid of me that easily… 

Update on BF:

  • I still don't have a library job (a paying one anyway).
  • I'm going back to full-time mortgage lending employment for the insurance.  It's a credit union though, not an evil mortgage company.  We don't do subprime loans, and our ARMs are designed so they don't make people go broke.  I've been working there forever, and it is a good organization to work for.  This allows me to not stay awake stressing about where the grocery money is coming from.  I'm also hoping that I'll able to be more effective in my job search now that I don't feel like I HAVE to find a job right away or else.
  • I love being married so far!  I'm playing with all of my new kitchen stuff.  Dan is enjoying that!  🙂
  • I'm still waiting on the wedding photos.  I'll post some whenever they are done. 

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