Friday Night TV

I'm glad I'm past the stage where I have to go out on Friday nights.  Especially because there is now some really good TV on that night.  No, I'm not talking about Friday Night Lights.  Don't even try to convince me to watch it because I won't.  It looks like The OC in Texas.  No thank you.

Women's Murder Club was better than I was expecting it to be.  I really like the series by James Patterson, and Angie Harmon does a good job as Lindsay Boxer. 

Men in Trees is finally back! I'm so excited about that, and I thoroughly enjoyed last night's episode.  I really really hope this one gets better ratings because it is my favorite show on television right now.

I also watched all my DVR shows from the week last night.  Chuck is still a fun show.  Private Practice is getting better.  Addison was my favorite character on Grey's so I really want this show to work. 

Grey's was good, but I'm still tired of Meredith at the moment.  The story-lines are getting better and hopefully the last scene this week means she'll stop being a bitch to her sister.  I could still do without Izzy, but what can you do?

Pushing Daisies is sitting there on the DVR still.  I can't decide if I'm into that one.  I'm still a week behind on The Office and Torchwood, but I'm in a reading mood right now, not a television one.

I love my DVR.  I can condense all the TV I watch into one night, with the exception of House and Heroes, which Dan has to see right away.  I'd much rather hang out on the couch and watch TV than go to a loud bar where I won't be able to find a seat.  I guess I'm an old fart now.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Night TV

  1. I agree. I would much rather be home with a good book or a great TV show..( I love Dexter!!) than hanging out at a smoky/noisy bar with a bunch of kids. When did I get old?

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