Caution – Wedding talk.

I had my hair trial today.

So I refused to wear a tiara, but then I saw this online.  It looks funky because I stuck it there really quick for the picture.  On the wedding day – in 2 weeks! – the hair stylist will pin it on straight.

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9 thoughts on “Caution – Wedding talk.

  1. You look Bookishly Beautiful. You wait your entire life growing up for this special day so you can wear whatever you want to. Plus, you'll never get another chance to wear a tiara (unless you hit the pageant circuit) so wear it with joy. Wow! Two week countdown. It's also subtle. Not a big honker so it is just perfect. Pretty soon you can be Mrs. Bookishly Married and that is just a wonderful thing. I can't be sure that is you though. Could you hop on your bike with a pink jacket just so we know it's really you?

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