The house smells like bread.

We got a bread machine a few weeks ago in the mail from our registry and decided to fire it up today.

We chose the Country Buttermilk Bread recipe from the booklet that came with the machine.

Next time I use this recipe, I'll put it on the light crust setting because buttermilk bread is better with a soft crust in my opinion.  The bread itself is heavenly!  It has a great buttermilk and yeasty flavor and a wonderful doughy texture.


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2 thoughts on “The house smells like bread.

  1. OOooooo… looks great! 🙂 Bet it's really delish, too.
    I use my machine just for the dough now, though. I put the bread into a loaf pan and bake it in the oven. It's a little like cheating, but I know that it will come out perfectly every time. With the machine, it could cave in or mushroom or just not be baked the way I want. Also… prettier *lol*
    How does yours bake? Some models do a great job. Mine… not so much 😉

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