Library blob.

Well, there have been some interesting library designs, but this one takes the cake. I think it's pretty awesome, but it will be in Prague. Some people think this will take away from the historical beauty of the city. What do you think? I'm torn. Maybe if it was going to be somewhere else, it would be better. I'd love to work in a building like this though!
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11 thoughts on “Library blob.

  1. I don't mind the mix of old and really new.I agree. I think I've decided that it will work just fine in Prague. If you click through to the page with all the pictures, there is one of what it would look like as a part of the city. There are other cities (like Paris) with a mix of old and new architecture that works quite well.

  2. It looks like a swiss cheese anthill or the top of a magical mushroom. I like it! It might look a little out of place next to the "old architecture", but as you said Paris has mixed architecture with success.

  3. To me it says "amoebic" but in the nicest possible way. The building alone should promote a creative work environment and definitely has kid appeal. Uniformity in architecture is so last century. I like the idea of mixing it up.

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