Tales of the City

Tales of the City was really enjoyable.  It's one of those books where the time and setting (San Francisco in the 70s) are main characters.  I had to look up a few of the pop culture references on Wikipedia – now I know what a "Girl Friday" is - since it was written before I was born.

The newspaper serial to book genre is always nice for reading in short bits.  At the microwave at work, I could finish a chapter or two while my lunch was cooking.  I can't wait to read the rest of the series.  The large cast of quirky characters were such fun to read about, and the book doesn't have a definitive "ending."  I kind of felt like I was reading a soap opera. 

I put the PBS miniseries starring Laura Linney on my queue. 

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3 thoughts on “Tales of the City

  1. oohh I got Tales of the City too but i've been unable to find copies of the rest of the series (or more like unable to go back to the bookshop where i got it from!). It really is interesting read/

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