How many strikes?

How many strikes do you give a neighbor before they're out?  Recently, I feel that one of my neighbors (if you can read this, it's not you) has been rather combative in comments, posts, etc.  At first I assumed that maybe they could just be having a bad time, and that they were just fuming in Vox.  I don't feel like I can actually comment on their posts unless I'm posting in total agreement with their ideas.  Otherwise, they seem to pick out one thing I say and turn it around on me, losing it's original meaning. 

I feel for them if they're having a bad time, but I really like for Vox to be fun.  Of course I want to read people's opinions on serious issues (whether they jive with mine or not), but I don't want to worry what they'll pick out of my response if I choose to comment. 

I don't think they are as open-minded as I originally thought when I added them.

I don't know how long I'll leave this post up because it is just me fuming a little bit, but I would love to hear opinions.

No specifics because I don't want to start a Vox war.  :)  I don't think this person is in any of your neighborhoods anyway.

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