Yay new computer!

The other day I emailed Dan from work that I would probably by a gaming desktop whenever I finally get a full-time job (if I ever find one).  He said he had been thinking the same thing and decided to go ahead and order one!  So Thursday night we went to Intrex, a local place that will build a computer the way you want it, and we should have it today or Monday!  I hope they call today.  I feel City of Heroes calling me…

I won't really be able to get super addicted since we'll have to share the computer so that will work out quite nicely.  CoH/CoV isn't as involved as WoW anyway.  Now I can play The Agency whenever it finally comes out.

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5 thoughts on “Yay new computer!

  1. I played a lot last winter. Definitely not as much as some people I know, but more time than I wanted to spend on video games. I played to level 44 I think and burned out. CoH/CoV is addictive, but I seem to be able to spend less time on it when I'm subscribed.

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