Emmy Awards – Run-on blog.

I guess I'm joining Kelly in her live(ish) blog of the Emmy Awards.  This is going to be a really random and long stream of consciousness post.

Jeremy Piven?  Blech.

I wanted Neil Patrick Harris or Rainn Wilson to win.  😦

Thomas Haden Church – Tip to the music people – Don't start playing the music when someone is tearfully dedicating an award to their father.  Cut out some of the stupid jokes later in the show.  What asswipes.

Yay Ellen!  She should be hosting.  πŸ™‚

Was going for Oh or Wilson, but Heigl's OK.  Liked her in Knocked Up, don't like Izzy as a character.  Again, what's up with the music?

Kind of surprised about Conan winning, but I love him.  I was thinking it would be The Colbert Report.

Christina Aguilera showing why winning the pop starlet war does have something to do with vocal ability.

Gotta love Robert Duvall.

I love The Daily Show so I was really happy about them winning.  Tony Bennett's a cool guy too so kudos to him.

I don't like that half the audience is just sitting there looking at everyone's butts while they present and accept awards.

OK, I'll say it – I don't like The Sopranos.  I'll be glad when they're no longer in the running for these awards shows (or the musical numbers).  The Jersey Boys are enjoyable though, but I like cheesy music.

Lewis Black – HAHAHAHAHAHA, funny!  Ryan Seacrest, not funny.

The Office won something!  Writing for the Gay Witch-hunt episode.

Rainn Wilson rapping the Kanye West song was funny, but this skit could have been funnier.  I don't watch any of those reality shows so don't care that Amazing Race won.

The commercial for the Knocked Up DVD is more interesting than the award show (and this blog post).  I'm buying that on the release date.

Lead Actor in a Comedy – that's a hard one because they are all hilarious.  Ricky Gervais.  I liked the giving it to Steve Correll bit.  πŸ™‚

Sigh, Hugh Laurie.  Oh yeah, Lead Actress – Sally Field.  She's the bomb.  I need to watch the rest of the first season of Brothers and Sisters.  I lost touch with that one, but it is really good.  Hehe, "If mothers ruled the world, there would be no G*******" (cameras panned away).  I think she was saying G** Damn War.  Go Sally!

My pick for lead actress in a comedy was Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but I knew she wouldn't win.  I don't watch Ugly Betty.  I don't think it's that funny.

Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Laurie, please Hugh Laurie.  Argh!  James Spader.  Oh well, at least it wasn't James Gandolfini.

So, Drama Series.  Who will it be?  I'm guessing (but not cheering for) The Sopranos.  I want House, but we'll see…

And the winner is…

Oh yeah, I forgot about Outstanding Comedy Series – 30 Rock is pretty good.  It was my third favorite of the bunch.

Whoa, HUGE shocker, The Sopranos won!  OMFG, I'm so excited… NOT! 

Goodnight all.

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13 thoughts on “Emmy Awards – Run-on blog.

  1. I just started watching at 9. I think it is awesome that Jermery Piven won. He kills plating the role Ari on that show. I love tivo so I can fast forward through the boring parts.Why is it that the CEO of these shows always make speeches. Who gives a fuck what they have to say. Just give out the awards. And the Sopranos. I could give a shit. That was kinda of weird and random the way they had "the Jersey Boys" sing a few songs for the Sopranos.

  2. I think Network TV needs an intervention. New Adventures of Old Christine is really good. So was Studio 60. The Office is really, really funny, but they didn't win squat this year. Ricky Gervais did deserve his award though. When was the last time you busted a gut watching Ugly Betty? Sorry, I just don't think it's funny, even though I'm supposed to think it is. Just like I don't think Studio 60 was a disappointment like I was supposed to, according to the "experts."

  3. I like America Ferrera too. I loved Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (uber-cheese, I know). I just am not into Ugly Betty. I think sitcoms get unfairly overlooked on these shows so the hour long ones win instead. They need to start a "quirky evening soap opera" category and a sitcom category.

  4. Network had an intervention and the result was Till Death. I hate traditional sitcoms. And especially shows with a laugh track. Sorry I think Ugly Betty is funny but you don't have to. The Office had its moment last year and frankly I don't think this was its best year. You know where I stand on Studio 60. I thought it was pretentious and funny some of the time. Aaron Sorkin needs to stick to drama and lay off the crack.

  5. Hey, don't pick 'Til Death as a representative of a TV genre. It sucks big ones. CBS Monday night is good stuff, with one slot that needs a good show. Oh, and for as pretentious as you thought Studio 60 was, the statement that all sitcoms are horrible was pretty pretentious itself. So there! =PDear readers, Citizen Geek is my brother so we can squabble about meaningless things like television and he still has to love me. Nighty-night brother dear.

  6. Oooh, I love Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants too! And a sequel is coming out next year! And I will go see it and be the oldest one in the theater unaccompanied by a child. πŸ™‚

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