How am I supposed to maintain my wedding diet when Dan buys this stuff?

We have a deal where he can bring junk into the house if it includes peanut butter or mint, but he broke the rules and bought my favorite flavor!!

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6 thoughts on “Sabotage

  1. OK. I'm trying to lose weight as well, but this is urging me to run to the store. I must be strong. Tell Dan I said he has to stop buying the stuff, so you stop posting it. 😉

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaan!I have never had that flavor (and I don't even want to know how good it is!) but I'm having my own frozen delight weakness today so I feel for you. Next time, he could at least find a light version or something, eh?

  3. Wow, that sounds like a great ice-cream flavor. That's definitely not playing fair. At least it has oats. HEY! Oats are healthy! Say it with me…"Oats are healthy!"I don't mean to tempt you further when I say Phish Food is my favorite flavor. And it has fish in it. As we all know, fish are healthy! YAY Ben and Jerry's.

  4. I suggest NOT trying this flavor if you are trying to lose weight. It is quite delicious, and the oatmeal cookies in the ice cream are actually cookie dough! Heavenly! Luckily, Dan can polish off a pint of ice cream in no time so they don't sit around for long. 🙂

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