Eating my words.

I told Dan the other day that I didn't think I would play MMORPGs anymore because I'm tired of the fantasy genre, and they don't seem to be getting past that anytime soon.  What did I find online today?  The Agency – a spy MMO being developed by Sony.  EEEEE!  My favorite movie genre in MMO form.  It's a first person shooter too – my favorite video game genre.  No running around doing stupid quests and errands! (No offense to WoW players.  I got to a point where that game felt more like work than play.)  The female spies are almost naked and really sexed up, but I'll play anyway of course.  It's for PC and PS3 so I'll have to figure out what to do about that problem.  Dan will probably buy a gaming computer anyway so I'll just fight him for time on that.

This is trouble waiting to happen.

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4 thoughts on “Eating my words.

  1. TOO COOL! I've never stuck with any MMORPG but this one looks like its right up my alley 😛 I have both a PC & A PS3 – so let me know if you ever do get on and we can try it together!

  2. I will not, I repeat NOT, be telling my Ken about that one. He is a reformed WOW junkee from 6 long and lonely years. He quit when I "leaked it" to twinsis that I was divorcing him because of WOW and she "leaked it" to him. My Ken and twinsis were roommates before I ever knew him so she had serious pull (other than the obligate Sis-in-law). I have to admit, I could see why he enjoyed it but he missed 6 years of real life from sunup to sundown every single day off and every minute home on days he worked. It went from being a family joke to family pity to family "why don't you leave him?" to family hating him. He quit cold turkey. We couldn't be happier. He says he doesn't miss it. He never told me that twinsis told him. Just stopped playing right after buying 2 "Burning Crusade" special edition collector's box sets (which is the straw that broke the camel's back.) Good luck. I recognise that some people are not obsessive about it and I'm sure it's fun.

  3. maura_ea – I'll definitely let you know if I get on. I don't think it's set to come out for a while, but I'm looking forward to it.renee – I played WoW for a few months and when I stopped playing, I immediately felt better in general. It is very addictive, but looking back on it I don't understand what made me spend so much time on it. I wasn't even one of those obsessed people, but I played it more than I usually would play a video game. Dan still plays, but he's good about not playing when he knows he shouldn't, like right now while he works on his thesis. We have a friend who is really addicted though. When Dan was helping her and her husband move, they came back from another trip from the old house and instead of unpacking boxes while they were gone, she had logged on to WoW and started playing while they were doing the heavy lifting. He was not happy.

  4. "WOW!" is right! There are countless times I wished I saw in WoW what they (my Ken and Son J.) saw in WoW. Son J came back from 10 weeks of boot camp and said he was no longer "addicted to WoW. A bold statement, especially considering that the next time he had a WoW buddy at the house, both computers were tuned in to "Nordrassill Realm". Sad but true.

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