Family values?

You may have seen articles about the administration's proposed changes to the SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program). According to them, too many middle income families use the program and not enough low income families. What constitutes middle income? $20,000-$41,000 for a family of four! That is not middle income, my friend, even if it is according to the government.

I also love how they are afraid there will be a sense of "broad entitlement" if they let people cancel private insurance for the program. I'm sorry, but I happen to think that ALL children are entitled to health coverage, even the ones from "middle income" families. Their solution? Make children wait a year for coverage after canceling private insurance. Gee, what a great idea.

I have a solution: Universal Health Care

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Administration officials warn that the expansion envisioned by Congress would transform the program into a broad entitlement. Many families, they predict, would cancel private insurance in favor of government coverage (one study found that 14 percent of enrollees did).

Though eligibility varies by state, the 6.6 million children covered by the program typically come from families between 100 percent and 200 percent of the poverty level (between $20,650 and $41,300 for a family of four). Another 29.5 million children, most living below the poverty line, are covered by Medicaid. Studies have found that about two-thirds of all uninsured children are eligible for one of the two programs.

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5 thoughts on “Family values?

  1. I say FRELL private insurance. It sucks, it's expensive, it's a racket. I can't believe, we, as a country would want something that people can't afford to have. On top of that, people DIE b/c they can't afford it or can't be covered by it. It's okay I guess, we all die, might as well be b/c we can't go to a doctor b/c doctors are frelling expensive.
    I think some of this makes sense, sorry for the rant…

  2. I agree that they need to re-assess what middle class is for this study because a family of four can't POSSIBLY be middle class on $20K a year.However, I can understand their idea of people canceling heath insurance they have already in order to get free health insurance. Who can blame them though? If they're already paying out the ass for health insurance for two adults who can blame them for waiting to take advantage of the health insurance their children are eligible for?!

  3. Crom74 – No problem. Rant away! maura_ea – I guess my problem is that I don't think it should be an issue at all. I think it is morally wrong to expect people to pay for health care, especially those who can't afford it otherwise. It shouldn't be the huge for profit industry that it is now. To me it is the single largest travesty of our government that citizens have to worry about affording decent health care. I guess it's my turn to rant now. 😉

  4. my family lives in the uk…and my mom has been very ill for the last 5 or so years. I keep thinking, if this had happened while she was in the us, on my dad's hmo she would either have killed herself, or my family would be bankrupt, or both. Follow the trail, the majority of divorces site finances as a major cause in the breakdown of relationship, and the majority of bankruptcies are due to unpaid medical bills. Our healthcare system affects much more than just the visible things.I work a full time job and a part time one, and have no health insurance. and can't afford it. Something is wrong with that picture.

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